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John Fleck has been a beer lover from the start. He has tasted and tested many unique craft beers and visited Brew Pubs up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

While tasting superior craft beers, eating amazing foods and enjoying great conversation, John began to realize that the craft beer industry has a back-of-the-house obstacle. Finding this stumbling block again while looking into starting his own craft brewery, John decided to tackle the obstacle first.

Now, Craft Brewers can eliminate the obstacle of having to buy expensive in-house bottling equipment by using Bottle Work’s Mobile Bottling System. John can have your product ready quickly and at an affordable price. Big or small, he does it all!

John’s solution oriented way of thinking comes from his family of long time entrepreneurs. He utilizes their years of experience in the operations of Bottle Works. His father, from the service industry, has shown John the importance of being responsible and reliable. John’s brother and brother-in-law, both in the manufacturing industry, have worked closely with him to develop the custom trailer and bottling system. John’s sister heads up the graphic design and web development while his sister-in-law runs all office operations.

Having a whole crew of family with a solid work ethic makes it easy to trust Bottle Works as an extension of your business so you can take your craft brewing to the next level.

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