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On Site, Multiple-head Mobile Bottling System

Choose Bottle Works as an Extension of your Business and take your Craft Brewing to the NEXT LEVEL

Mobile Bottling Unit

“We consider the job finished when all you see is professionally packaged cases of your Fine Craft Beer and all we see is a SMILE on your face!”

Every success story starts with a great plan.

Our plan is to become an extension of your business operations by working with you and making sure your bottling experience is effortless and affordable. Beginning with an extensive site survey we will outline everything from where we will park our equipment upon arrival, up to the day’s end, when we do our machine sanitization and site clean up.

The filling process begins with lining up bottles on our custom built, multiple-head, mobile bottling unit. It is capable of filling up to 90 cases per hour! Your bottles, whether they are 12 oz. or a full 22 oz., will travel through a double sanitizing rinse and into the filling chamber. A precisely controlled vacuum down CO2 filling will precede the beer entering the bottles at a precisely controlled temperature. An automatic fill level provides consistent filling all the time. A quick crowning to keep out all oxygen, and they are on to a final bottle rinse. The bottles then advance through the labeling line and into the waiting arms of the final packagers at the end of the run.

Mobile Bottling Process

— Latest Pneuatic Technology
— State of the Art Electronics
— Stainless Steel Construction
— Adjustable for All Bottle Sizes
— Pre Evac and Double Pre Evac
— Beer Tank CO2 Pressure Control
— Consistent Automatice Fill Level
— Bottle Spray Rinse after Filling
— Automatic “CIP” Operation

Choose the solution that works for you.

Bottle Works can be your full service solution for all your bottling, capping, labeling and packaging needs. As soon as you commit to taking your product to the next level, we are here to assist you. We will help you in making a smooth transition into the fast paced multi-head bottling work flow that will produce more of your bottles to put on the shelves of your sellers.

Industry studies show that demand typically doubles once a craft beer hits the shelves. At this point it is important to have reliable sources available, on call, who understand what you need and can deliver what they promise. Bottle Works is just that source for you, offering you full-scale custom tailored services to fit your needs and budget.

As a Bottle Works client you can choose your level of involvement. Some clients choose to provide labels, packaging and their own employees on bottling day to keep their final cost as low as possible.

The cost break down on our estimate will aide you in determining which of our services will best suit your needs.

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